Scaling Success: Moth Drinks’ Journey with Law Distribution

Rob from Moth Drinks shares insights into the brand’s journey in the UK’s ready-to-drink alcohol market and the significant role Law Distribution played in their expansion.

Hear From Rob about how working with Law helped scale Moth Drinks

The UK’s ready-to-drink alcohol sector is fast-growing and, for a while, the primary question had been how cheap one could produce. Moth Drinks, however, took a different route, asking, “How good can we make it?” We’ve always aimed for the super-premium end of the market, knowing that customers are keen on quality drinks with transparency about ingredients.

The importance of robust partnerships cannot be overstated. Especially as we scale, ensuring that our cans make it onto the shelves of major supermarkets, including the likes of Waitrose, is a testament to how well we’re doing. Law Distribution has been integral to this. From when we were just two people above a pub to now being present in almost 3000 supermarkets, the steepest part of our growth curve saw us hand-in-hand with Law.

As we’ve grown, the challenges have evolved too. Transitioning from selling a case at a time to sending out full lorries of our product required adaptability. But throughout, it’s been about relationships. As a smaller business, our strategy wasn’t to throw money at problems but to invest time and effort. Law Distribution not only resonated with our story but actively joined our journey. Their team’s understanding, responsiveness, and collaborative approach, especially during our critical scaling phase, proved invaluable.

Being recommended by a friend and after assessing the limited number of UK companies dealing with brands our size and specialty, Law stood out. Their combination of commercial competitiveness and relationship-driven onboarding made our partnership decision a no-brainer. From handling small deliveries to navigating the intricacies of delivering canned cocktails to major supermarkets like Waitrose, Law Distribution’s expertise has been crucial.

Looking to Scale Your Brand? Trust in Law Distribution.
Moth Drinks’ journey is a testament to the possibilities when you have the right logistics partner. Reach out to Law Distribution and let them be part of your success story.



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