Law Distribution Supports Animal Welfare in Ukraine Through Strategic Partnership

Law Distribution recently engaged in a pivotal initiative with Byotrol and the U-Hearts Foundation, focusing on the delivery of essential biosecurity and infection control products to support animal welfare. This specific action addressed the urgent needs arising from the crisis in Ukraine.

Law Distribution stepped in to help transport these vital supplies to the U-Hearts Foundation for effective distribution across the region which was essential for meeting immediate needs and supporting animal welfare as effectively as possible in the current climate.

At Law Distribution, we are dedicated to using our resources and expertise to contribute positively to societal needs. Our collaboration with Byotrol during this initiative highlights our commitment to community and global welfare, even in times of crisis.

“Supporting the Save Pets in Ukraine initiative was an obvious step for us at Law Distribution. It was crucial to utilise our logistical capabilities not just for business operations, but to make a real difference—especially for those affected by the crisis who cannot help themselves. Working with Byotrol and the U-Hearts Foundation enabled us to directly impact animal welfare effectively and promptly.” — John Law, Managing Director at Law Distribution

We are grateful to the Byotrol for donating the supplies and the U-Hearts Foundation for leading this initiative and to the Pet Industry Federation for their role in mobilizing support.

We encourage engagement from others who are able to help. Supporting initiatives like Save Pets in Ukraine can be through various forms, from donating supplies to raising awareness. Each contribution plays a vital role in supporting those in need and providing relief during critical times.



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