DAF LF Electric Trial at Law Distribution Marks a Milestone

Law Distribution has successfully tested the 19-tonne DAF LF Electric, supplied by Asset Alliance Group, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable operations. The zero-emission curtainsider performed excellently during a two-week trial, handling daytime deliveries and collections around Liverpool.

The DAF LF Electric’s advanced technology, including its smooth, quiet drive and minimal vibrations, impressed John Law, Managing Director of Law Distribution. “The vehicle not only met but exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and operational efficiency. It is particularly well-suited for urban environments where low emissions and reduced noise levels are crucial,” said Law.

The trial also highlighted the operational capabilities of the DAF LF Electric, which boasts a range of up to 174 miles on a full charge. This range, combined with a fast-charging capability that allows the battery to be recharged in just a few hours, makes it a practical solution for daily logistics needs. Law Distribution found the vehicle’s performance to be on par with, if not better than, traditional diesel-powered trucks.

This initiative aligns with Law Distribution’s broader strategy to transition to a more environmentally friendly fleet. By 2030, the company aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, and the introduction of electric vehicles is a key part of this plan. The successful trial of the DAF LF Electric is a significant step toward this goal.

Law Distribution DAF LF Electric Truck

Asset Alliance Group’s role in facilitating this trial cannot be overstated. Their comprehensive support, from vehicle procurement to ongoing maintenance, ensured that the trial was smooth and productive. Law Distribution looks forward to continuing this partnership as it expands its electric fleet.

The trial’s success has also sparked interest among Law Distribution’s clients, who are increasingly looking for sustainable logistics solutions. The positive feedback from clients further reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The DAF LF Electric trial at Law Distribution has proven to be a milestone in their journey toward a greener future. With the support of Asset Alliance Group, Law Distribution is well on its way to achieving its sustainability targets and setting a benchmark in the logistics industry. This successful trial demonstrates the potential for integrating electric vehicles into their fleet, reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. The collaboration with Asset Alliance Group highlights the importance of partnerships in advancing sustainable logistics solutions.



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